About Us

Dr. Tisha Admire Duncan is the author of My Dirty Cat Mutt and Myrtle the Blue Eyed Turtle. She is passionate about reading and has published journal articles on literacy education and learner centered instruction. She is an assistant professor of education and resides in NC with her husband and daughter. The illustrator of these books is Phillip Holeman. 

Phillip Holeman is a North Carolina artist, illustrator, and designer. He is pleased to bring Mutt and his new friend Myrtle to life. He receives great joy from those who appreciate and allow him to share his talent. His greatest inspiration comes through the love of his wife and two children.

Available on Amazon.com in paperback or Kindle download.  Also available in the Apple iTunes store as an interactive app. 

Myrtle the Blue Eyed Turtle

$ 14.95 USD

In this animal adventure, a curious feline meets a very special turtle and soon realizes that true friendship is more than shell deep. Read along as Myrtle the blue eyed turtle encounters a cat who appreciates the unique qualities in everyone.

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Our Story

Phil and I began our work together in 2008. I had wanted to publish a children's book for several years, but because it was a story from my childhood and close to my heart, I wanted to work alongside the illustrator of my book. Phil and I have been friends for years and our spouses grew up together. He is a great artist using a variety of mediums, so when I approached him about possibly illustrating my story, he readily agreed. 

We perservered, learned a great deal about the publishing market,and released My Dirty Cat Mutt in the Spring of 2009. We were well received by family and friends, as well as, children of all ages. With continued support, encouragement, and requests for more, we began work on the second book in 2011. We are pleased to be able to share our second book, Myrtle the Blue Eyed Turtle, available in Aug of 2012.

My Dirty Cat Mutt

$ 14.95 USD

Do you ever wonder what your pet does while you are away? Follow along with Mutt the Cat on his daily adventures (and misadventures!) to find out just how he gets so dirty!


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Author Visits

We would love to visit your school to share Mutt and his adventures! Program can be tailored to suit your needs in either half day or full day format. Presentation includes a reading of the book, the writing process, the illustration process, and how to become an author. Additionally, students can purchase books to be autographed by the author and illustrator. Contact us for more information and availability.